Escaping California to Texas | Living in Austin TX | With Craig Smyser


Austin, TX is one of the top destinations for Californians escaping the state. Whole companies are escaping California and are moving their headquarters to Austin. Tesla and Oracle are two of the best know examples.

In this video I am talking to Craig Smyser, broker owner of 1835 Realty, about everything you need to know about moving to Austin, TX.

Craig Smyser: (512) 650-7300
      1835 Realty

00:00 - Introduction
01:24 - Top reasons for moving to Austin TX
03:58 - What you need to know when moving from California to Texas
06:26 - Homes and housing market in Austin TX and suburbs
09:00 - Planned communities and HOAs
12:16 - House hunting and Austin TX housing market
18:47 - Schools
20:38 - Culture, entertainment and food
24:35 - Best and worst things about living in Austin TX
28:33 - Contacting Craig Smyser

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