5 Reasons To Buy A Home This Summer

5 Reasons To Buy A Home This Summer from Talis Team Real Estate on Vimeo.

Let me give you 5 reasons why this summer is the best time to buy a home!
  1. More homes are available for sale during the summer months.  June, July and August historically have higher listing activity, presenting you with the best selection of homes in this tight market.
  2. Low interest rates – right now interest rates are the lowest they have been since September of 2017.  According to the Freddie Mac Mortgage Market Survey the average 30-year fixed interest rate is around 3.8 percent.
  3. Eliminate financial uncertainty – since last year, Bay Area rent increased by as much as 10 percent, depending on the city.  Buying a home will fix your housing cost.  Obtaining a fixed rate loan and the benefits of California Prop 13 will prevent your housing cost from skyrocketing. 
  4. Start building your equity – home value appreciation is one of the best wealth builders.  Over the last 10 years, home prices in Silicon Valley increased by 138 percent.  Experts predict the growth will continue based on the extreme housing shortage.
  5. The days are longer, giving you more opportunities to see homes and explore the neighborhoods.
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