Your Bay Area House & The Talis Team

Making You A Winner In Bay Area Real Estate 

We know our real estate market is challenging. Too few homes on the market, too many people competing for small inventory, extensive regulations, and ultimately a large sum of your money at stake. 

We know you've done your research. Google and the ever-expanding array of real estate websites provides a deluge of resources that can be overwhelming. We have found that the most valuable information is practical knowledge gained by the experience of helping you, our clients, win in our competitive market. 

Schools, neighborhoods, demographics, history, and market trends can easily be found online. Our priority is to take you from the endless barrage of information to the local market reality and provide a transparent experience with strategies catered to find the best home for you. 

Our expertise and knowledge come from over 45 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, and customer support. You are in good hands. We have taken hundreds of our clients on this journey and they are happy to share their stories and hope to help create yours. 

Don’t worry, we work when you don’t! Let us know when we can meet with you (evenings and weekends are fine!) and we can have a conversation about your desires, concerns, and everything in between.

About The Team 

Michael Talis - Realtor

I’ve spent the past 30 years enjoying my time as a Bay Area resident, watching it grow and change, and us along with it. Raising our family here cemented the importance this area has to our family and I couldn’t think of a better place to raise our kids. The years spent here have provided me years of knowledge of local neighborhoods, schools, and amenities. I’m not one to shy away from all the area has to offer; from cycling Palo Alto’s streets to hiking the nearby mountains. Silicon Valley has so much to offer. 

Working directly in engineering presented a great opportunity to grow from an individual contributor to management, facilitating product development and deployment. Bay Area startup culture allowed my personality to thrive and gave me the understanding of the high pressure work environment my clients live daily. I lead with impartial data analysis which in turn empowers you to make the best decision for your needs. 

I had the opportunity to move to real estate alongside my wife in 2009, and dove in with the same startup vigor to understand the real estate process and ultimately guide through the often complex process of buying or selling a home. Helping clients see through the fluff when purchasing, and understand the benefits of a well presented home when selling, are essential parts of my duty as a realtor for you. I look forward to working together, discovering your real estate goals, and ultimately creating a solution that's tailored to your needs. 

Elena Talis - Realtor, Broker, MBA

I was born with a healthy weight of 3.5 kilos (7.7 pounds), started talking when I was 8 months old, and completely bypassed walking to start running when I was 10 months old. These natural qualities ended up defining my future professional choice of becoming a real estate broker. I’m still running and talking, though this time with the desire to help you accomplish your goals. 

After living in the Bay Area for over 30 years, I consider myself a Bay Area native, enjoying all our vibrant area has to offer. If you ever need a restaurant recommendation, let me know! When I’m not working in real estate I’m usually enjoying my family, music, art, and community theater. 

My past includes time earning an MBA from Santa Clara University along with a marketing background at multiple companies including Oracle and Direct TV. After working in high tech I made the move to being a real estate broker in 2003 and began a new professional journey. I see my clients as my family, and negotiating for your best interests is my duty and passion. I am here to help control the process, the decisions are always yours. 

Every project in real estate requires the cooperation of a reliable and efficient group of people. I love bringing people together; whether it’s preparing homes for sale or building professional teams to support any needs of our clients. I look forward to helping you to or from home! I’m always honored and filled with gratitude to be a part of my client’s real estate story. 

Jeremy Robinson - Executive Assistant

I'm the Talis Team's behind the scenes guy.  After working 7 years in residential property management, I made the move to residential real estate. With brokerage level marketing and support experience, I've been able to work with hundreds of real estate professionals building branding, systems, and marketing materials and understand what works well and doesn't. Outside of real estate, I'm an armchair local historian, family genealogist, cartographer, and lover of all things mechanical. My partner and I spend our free time soaking up the best food and events the Bay Area/Peninsula has to offer. Ask me for a day trip recommendation!